Thank you so much to all these wonderful artists!!!
Note that some photos could not be displayed here due to file incompatibility - to see the whole collection visit the following google photos album:
Jenna Chung; @rosieposieposes
When she said “listen” I did. I heard the gushing wind blowing past my curls, her soft breathing, and the faraway sounds of the waves crushing against the high rocks. When she said “what do you hear”, I replied, “Everything.” When she asked “and your favourite?”, my nose crinkled along with a small grin, because I knew she knew what my answer was. It was her, it would always be her.
Judy Naamani; @judynaamani.jpg
Zoe Zusman; @_photosby_z
Lorie Berberian; @berber.lor
Eli Meadow Ramraj; @eli.meadow
Mika; @mikalogue 
About the artist: Mika (they/them) is a racialized, neurodivergent community-driven photographer. They support grassroots movements to amplify the voices of those most targeted by historical and ongoing systemic manifestations of colonial capitalistic carceral violence. Their practice lies in a photojournalistic approach rooted in advocacy journalism; crucially, they reject the norm of the 'objective photographer' distanced from the subject, and instead actively confront iterations of hatred and oppressive violence.
Title of photo series: "Intergenerational Resistance."
@aliyaizumi_ or
Alina; @exit.less

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