David Zolya - President
David Zolya - President
David Zolya (he/him)
I love the versatility and freedom of expression in photography. As the current president of VicX, I am striving to continue building the Victoria community of photographers and artists.
Exec Team
Alayna Jang (she/her)
First Year
The ability to capture moments was what drew me into photography. Then, throughout the years, as I’ve gotten more into the creative process–– whether that be planning photoshoots or editing photos–– I found my passion for photography blossoming. It's also always cool to collaborate with other artists and see their work!
Erin Hill (she/her)
Third Year
My favourite thing about photography is its ability to capture and document memories. My best photos are always taken during moments with good stories behind them! Also, photography is a language that anyone can understand, which I think is valuable in connecting us.
Azadeh Kashani
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